ABSTRACTION (1988-1990)

Magnus Ulfstedt - Drums

Peter Östros - Guitar

Peter Nordlund - Guitar

Jörgen Haimanas - Vocals

Ulf Johnsson - Bass

Formed in late 1988 as a thrash metal four piece called Witchboard. When singer Jörgen joined
in early 1989 we changed musical direction influenced by swedish doom metal band Candlemass
and also early Black Sabbath.
Abstraction was a band that was always in progress. We made major steps musically, recorded
several demos and did live gigs. One gig was video recorded in Västerås, Sweden.

In late 1990 I decided to leave the band. The others continued with drummer Jamil Batal (later in
Schizophrenic Circus) as Lez Scaands. Then Peter Nordlund quit and after a while the band split up.

Peter Östros is still a friend of mine and we've played in bands together after Abstraction. He is now a
member of German rockers Jaded Heart and the power metal band Insania.

Classic song titles: Black Knight, The Man With The Skythe, Hellraiser, Children Of The Dark, Evil Night.