CONSPIRACY (1990-1993)

Magnus Ulfstedt - Drums

Robert Andersson - Guitar

When I quit Abstraction in '90 I wanted to do music in a more melodic style. I started
a band with guitarist Robert Andersson called Wild Side. We changed our name to
New Regel and finaly we became Conspiracy. Me and Robert were the key members
and we had a bunch of musicians during this period, including keyboard player
Harri Pohjonen (the third guy in the pictures). The thing was that, where we lived at
the time, there were not so many musicians that were good enough or had the right
feel for the music we wanted to create. So it all faded.

We did some demos with original material and played a lot of covers at this time. 
We didn't do any gig as Conspiracy. The band slowly died but Robert and I
are still writing and recording songs together.